Notes & Disclaimer:

The size of each work is that of the framed piece, for your convenience in visualizing the scale of the work on your wall. When you choose to document your collection for appraisal or insurance purposes we will provide the exact image size, a more detailed media description and the current artist biography.

Framing costs are based on the choice of materials, such as acid-free papers and adhesives, which reflect museum or archival standards. Our advice for installation also considers conservation issues such as strong natural light. When we are installing new pieces or re-framing a number of works for you, there are no additional fees for consultation, transportation or installation of your collection within the Greater Toronto area.

Our web-site photographs and those we forward to you by e-mail for approval are strictly for the successful promotion of the specific works of art. Reproduction for other purposes would infringe on the artist’s own copyright.

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